Monday, March 29, 2010


I am so thrilled that April is right around the corner! Days of 60-70 degree weather with a nice spring breeze are the best kind in my opinion. I look forward to getting outside and becoming a lot more active - lots of biking, tennis, and running this spring/summer. After many years of not riding a bicycle, I road into town this past week and realized again how enjoyable it is. Of course, I have to get into shape so that the incline side of hills are less painful, but I cannot get enough of the beautiful days God blesses us with.

One of my younger brothers, Dorion, participated in GOBA (GOBA - The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure) last year and I look forward to joining them in it this year. I'd encourage any other individuals that enjoy nature and a solid workout to look into the site above. I believe the total cost after food and fun money is a little over $400 (depending on how frugal you are). Anyhow, after a taste of spring weather this past week, I just had to post my excitement for the warmer seasons ahead of us! Yay Spring!